Party looks!

The countdown for the festive season has started!
What is your party style this year!? Dramatic, Flirty or Enchanting:)

Silk your Holiday wardrobe with us !

Do you have a ball gown?

Do you have a ball gown? I am so convinced you are all still dreaming of your Prince Charming!
So why not get ready ...while waiting?
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Winter glam!

 Make a winter statement!
Add a single statement piece to your cold-weather wardrobe to make a super chic statement!

Cocktail style

Choose bright blue and sparkling crystals to make a lasting impression at your next event!

Fall blossom

Cold day ahead? Why not brighten up with a touch of solar glam! Blair knows it well :)
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Fall essentials

Travel the globe in style with your arsenal of luxe essentials — fur accents and elegant embroidery required

Fall mood!